Hi! I'm IxChel Tolteca, a visual artist, photographer, art facilitator based in Phoenix AZ. I've been working with the arts for over ten years.

IxChel Tolteca



IxChel Tolteca is an Artist Extraordinaire that specializes in performing live art, painting portraits of faces in a wide variety of looks from black and white to bright neon colors. Her brand VXXOStudio is an umbrella of the multimedia she specializes in such as: photography also designs in graphics and illustrations. IxChel has an urban abstract flare and also enjoys passing her skills down to the community as an art facilitator.

This breathtaking artist uses diverse textiles and mediums such as acrylic and spray paint. Her use of canvases range from wood panels to walls and basically just about anything else that she can securely interpret her perspective of art. Her creative mobility into unspoken realms causes this artist to capture the moment in time and bring it forth into how we see life nowadays. Read more

Intuitive, resourceful, enterprising Visual Artist, posessing a significant background in delivering a variety of creative media and visual communication solutions to individual clients, business owners, and various corporations. Read more

Non-Profit Community

Together We Grow - Sounds Academy - Epic Danco Co.
Live Painter to help Raise Funds

Phoenix Rising
Raise Your Voice
Golden Gate Com. Center

Art Facilitator

Local Shops

Open Mind Emporium
Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in Store merchandise

High Maintenance
Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ in Store Merchandise


The Love Awakening
Private Studio, Tempe, AZ

Retro Afro Popstract
SIDE BAR, Phoenix, AZ
Mesa Music Festival
Pop Up Galleria, Mesa, AZ